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This unique lighted baton use Polybrite technology- a patented polymer LED combination that conducts, scatters and radiates Light source throughout The entire lens mass to provide visibility up to one kilometer in low light conditions. Push the button up for standard Red non-flashing mode and down for red flashing mode. Lightweight shocks and weathers resistant.

  • Red continues & Flashing
  • Red & Green Flashing/ High Intensity
  • Red & Orange Flashing
  • Rechargeable

Running time 350 hours

Application      Running time 30 hours
Traffic Control  
Emergency Signaling  
Off Road  
Wilderness Rescue Disaster  

Format : LED Base Flashing & continues
Running Time : 3 50 Hours
  : High intensity Red/ Green 30 Hours
Weight : 250 Grams without battery
Length : 450mm
Dai : 40mm
Splash proof : to IP 65
Battery : 2 NO ( D ) Cell
Charger : 220 V Ac to 6 v DC