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Our Metscan Delux DFMD Range of walk through metal
detectors are designed to detect both ferrous & non ferrous
metals concealed on a person in any possible manner
including metals concealed in ferrite containers.

The search coil & control modules are housed in aesthetically
designed door frames which easily merge in to any
aristocratic/sophisticated décor.

Components of the highest quality have been employed throughout the process of assembly.

Plug in card system has been employed for ease of servicing &
minimum down-time.

Our metal detectors are backed by a team of topnotch service
technicians specially trained for quick service ever required
throughout the country. Salient Features:
  • High 'Q' tuned resonant circuit.
  • Detects all ferrous and Non-ferrous metals.
  • 9 Levels to select the Low, Medium and High Sensitivity.
  • Audio Alarm and Visual indicator by Bar Graph.
  • Walk/Stop Indicator.
  • Control knob for initial setting with respect to immediate vicinity and environmental conditions.
Physical Parameters
Control Unit - Built in
Ramp - Covered with synthetic carpet for long life.
Passage - 1950mm x 750mm
Overall Dimension - 2100mm x 825mm x 300mm
Technical Parameters
Principal - “Eddy Current Loss”
Detection - All ferrous & non ferrous metals.
Power Source - Operatable on 230 Volts AC+15%, 50Hz,50V
Sensitivity - Low - Objects like Grenades.
  - Medium - Objects like Pistol & Small Weapons.
  - High - Objects like Watches, Keys & Coins etc.